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Grama Volunteer Director, GV/WV & VS/WS in his letter first read above has requested to release a totalamount of Rs.9,52,39,336/- (Rupees Nine Crore fifty two lakh, thirty nine thousand, three hundred and thirty six only) to M/s. Raminfo Limited towards

Training, Coordinating andMonitoring of Gram Volunteers and Gram Secretariats in Andhra Pradesh from out of theamount of Rs.3,500 Lakhs provided in B.E. 2020-21 under Head of Account of 304 – Contract.

How Much Amount Release?

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2. The Finance (FMU-PR&RD) Department, vide G.O. second read above, have issuedBudget Release Order (BRO) for Rs.952.39 Lakhs (Rupees Nine Crores, fifty two lakhs andthirty nine thousand only) from the B.E. provision 2020-21 in relaxation of quarterly regulationtowards meeting the expenditure to the Field Operating Agency (FOA) for the servicesrendered by them i.e., Training, Coordinating and Monitoring Gram Volunteers / Secretariatsin A.P.

Sanction for an amount of Rs.9,44,00,000/- (Rupees Nine Crores forty four lakhs only) fromthe B.E. provision 2020-21 in relaxation of quarterly regulation orders towards meeting theexpenditure for the months of June & July, 2020 to the Field Operating Agency (FOA) for theservices rendered by them i.e., Training, Coordinating and Monitoring Gram Volunteer & Secretariat.

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The Deputy Secretary to Government, Department of Gram Volunteers/Ward Volunteers & Village Secretariats/Ward Secretariats is the Drawing & Disbursing Officer, He is authorized to draw and disburse the amount sanctioned at Para (5) above through detailed voucher bill, as per the details given below duly adjusting the total amount to be disbursed to the amount provided

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