YSR Pension Kanuka Unfreeze Request Application Form Download

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YSR Pension Unfreeze Appication

YSR Pension Kanuka Unfreeze Request Application Form Download

Some tips for YSR Pensions Unfreez option – WEA / WWDS:

YSR Pension Unfreeze Appication

– Note that many welfares recommend not putting in the correct documents (uploading to each other, or correct).

– Do not recommend Beneficiary age converts. Action will be taken against those who do so. Those whose age is rejected should be recommended if the present age is adequate. You only need to look at whether it fits or not according to the beneficiary’s Aadhar Updated History.

– Many more Welfares (IN, N, G, S series) say that Numbers V are not open and are being enabled. Note that it takes some time.

–  Once the unfreez option is rejected, you will lose the opportunity to put it again.

–  This Unfreez option has no time limit so do it slowly and without mistakes.

–  Many people have been waiting for pensions to be put on AUH updates at Welfares for several days, but the pension has not been released, we request that everything in your SSP login be cleared first.

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